I am an art educator with experience and interests related to but extending far beyond teaching, i.e., writing, editing, developing and conducting programs and workshops, fund raising, supervising, curating exhibitions, collecting, vocational counseling, and designing interiors and landscapes. The number of Professional Development workshops I developed during my 35 years at The Pratt Institute has increased and since leaving, I have directed workshops at The Gulliver Schools, the Mott Haven Academy Charter School, the Medical Center Nursery School, and the Scarsdale Study Group.

Photo courtesy of   Christopher Richard

Photo courtesy of Christopher Richard

As an instructor and administrator at Pratt Institute, I had the time and opportunity to hone many of the above skills while focusing on art and design, rather than pedagogy. This effort or focus was rooted in my extensive background in painting and art history and long-time interest in design. It is not surprising then, that after teaching art, Kg-HS in New York City public schools, I began working at an art school located in the art world of NYC. 

As Chair of the Art and Design Education Department for over 30 years, I worked to expand the parameters of our programs.

In recent years, we have drawn upon... the fields of literature, folklore, philosophy, and anthropology. Narrative and autobiography, play and performance, meaning and memory are threads that play an important role in our classroom conversations and research. We ask... students to go beyond textbook vocabulary and style. Their plans, essays, and research papers are drawn from their own stories and personal knowledge using, whenever appropriate, the language of the poet. (Graduate Bulletin, Pratt Institute, 2011-2012, p. 77)

During that period, I lectured in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain; designed several international programs; published articles; curated exhibitions; organized national panels and conferences; advised a public television station, an architectural firm, and a private foundation. I received grants for a number of funded programs and also served as Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, and was a founding member of the Initiative for Arts, Community, and Social Change Committee.


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